Monday, April 9, 2012

Cameo Nouveau's Power Mate Plus featured in Good House Keeping's Treats under $40

So we are not the only ones who love Glam Noir's Power Mate Plus Iphone Back-up Charger, Good House Keeping featured it in their "$40 and Under Treats for You Editorial".  The bright colors and rubber coating of this little fun battery pack allow for easy finding in your tote. We also love that they featured Pinterest on the Iphone, just the same as us!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cameo Nouveu's PowerMate Plus featured in San Antonio Magazine

We are so excited to be included in San Antonio's Glam Gidgets Guide, not only was the Stud Usb included but also the Newest girl tech item, THE POWER MATE PLUS.

How many times have you found yourself out and about with a dead phone? The Power Mate Plus™ provides you with hours of extra use for your iPhone. Just charge it, put it in your bag and use when needed.
  • Power Mate Plus™ can charge up to 62% on any iPhone
  • Works for an Ipod and Ipad proportionally

Rebecca June Blog Loves Cameo Nouveau!

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that Rebecca posted some of her fav home decor items of ours (ie the Peace Sign Salad Plate) and we thought she was so cute and styled right we wanted to send her much love! Here Rebecca sports some light and fancy arm candy that includes the cana cuff and horizon line bracelets. Thanks Rebecca! Love your Style, and Happy Bday.


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