Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cameo Nouveau Logo

As a designer I know my strengths and my weaknesses. Before I started Cameo Nouveau I knew with my designer background and overall love of shopping I could create a special online boutique experience. I had a vision of layout, imagery, product and general aesthetic. For my logo I knew I wanted a special hand-drawn type treatment and I also knew this was well out of my scoop of design skills. So with that I went scouring the internet and I luckily came upon a wonderful designer by the name of Camila Drozd.
She is a lovely girl currently living in NYC which worked out great for our purposes of meeting up to discuss Cameo Nouveau’s logo. She was able to take my words and turn them into a beautiful well balanced logo.
Cameo Nouveau is about a lot of things one of which is giving talented up-and-coming designers and artists a space online to showcase their work and products. The internet needs also to be a space where artists and designers are compensated for their work as well as admired for it. I am happy to include Camila in my first Cameo Nouveau post.

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