Thursday, February 21, 2013

Glitter us This! Cameo Nouveau loves all things Glitter

We love all kinds of Glitter: Chunky Glitter, AB Glitter, Sugar Glitter, and our new fav Rose Gold Glitter. If you are anything like us—can't get enough of all things sparkly in your daily life—a never ending search to make things pretty is surly reasonable. Well we just turned up some really fun Glitter DIY projects that will surely fill our weekends (and living rooms) with all sorts of Sparkling Creativity. We thinks the Two Tone Glitter Utensils is a good  place to start, and if we mess up the flat wear we live—but our sunglasses....hmm

Not feelin so DIY? No worries let these designers do all the heavy lifting.

We love sharing! If you have any Glitter Projects that turned out awesome please and want to spread the love, please post links!

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